Ek Muthi Yojana’ (for villagers) and ‘Ek fruit Yojana’ (for blind students) are unique activities carried out to create awareness about society and develop a sense of social commitment.

The Extension Department carries the extension activities through State Council of Educational Research Training (SCERT) and Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension (DLLE), University of Mumbai along with Social engagement committee which is called community work. In which students are divided into various groups and each group adopts a village and organizes various activities for creating awareness about social problems among the villagers


Objectives of Extension Work

  • To provide career orientation and job orientation to the college students
  • To bridge the knowledge gap between the college university and the community
  • To provide opportunity to the students for development of marketable work skills
  • To give opportunity to the students to apply classroom knowledge for the benefit of the community (lab to land)
  • To make the students aware of social problems in the community
  • To enable the students to find their socio-cultural roots


Collaboration with NGO (REAP)

  • REAP (Reach Education Action programme (www.reapchild.org) is a NGO working for under privileged children. The organisation has centres along the Central Railway line extending from South Mumbai to Nasik.
  • Our B.Ed students teach in REAP centers located in slum areas of Mumbai and Thane suburban areas. On every Saturday our students go and teach underprivileged children at the REAP centre .The students teach them basic communication skill, alphabets and songs by using teaching aids.
  • This practice develops a sense of commitment towards the underprivileged group of society
  • It develops qualities like sensitivity, empathy, adjusting with the student from a different social economic background and understanding the ground realities of these children from the slums.







Reach Education Action Programme


Village Adoption (Ambeshivwadi)

Community out –Reach and Charity drives

Our college arranges visit to villages. College has adopted village named Ambeshivwadi, (in Badlapur) situated at a short distance from the college, which is frequently visited by our student and faculty. This activity aims at sensitizing students towards the underprivileged and neglected group of the society. Following is the details of the visit:

10/3/2016 : the village was visited by our students and faculty; they distributed grains, rice, pulses and clothes to the villagers. This activity was carried under “Ek Muthi Yojana”.


29/03/2016 : The village was visited by our D.Ed. and Nursery students, the students and faculty of D.Ed. distributed clothes, grains, and educational charts


26/04/2016 : Some of our faculty members visited the village and distributed some necessary articles, biscuits, drinking water and clothes for small children, similarly villagers were made aware about cleanliness and sanitation.


2/5/2016 : Few of our faculty members visited the village and distributed clothes ,bed sheets to the villagers.

19/05/2016 : Our YCMOU and IGNOU students as well as students visited the village and distributed utensils (a pair of pans) along with rice , pulses and clothes


05/07/2016 : Our students and some of our faculty visited the village and distributed plastic sheets for covering the roof of the huts in order to safeguard from heavy rains







Group Gram Panchayat Ambeshiv Bdk.


Faculty Exchange Programme with St. Xavier's Institute of Education