Our library has richest collection of Books, Journals, Back volumes, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Subject and General Dictionaries, CDROMs, Videos, e-Resources, Theses and Dissertations and is located in the much spacious fully dedicated third floor of the building comprising of one Stack room, Reading hall, Reference Section, Periodical Section, Circulation Counter, Browsing section, Xerox section and a separate Research cell. The Library opens from 9.30A.M. to 5.00 P.M. on every working day.


Library Collection

It has a collection of more than 25093 books which includes Textbooks, General books, Reference books, 356 Bound volumes of Periodicals, Serial publications, 485 Dissertations, 100 Maps and charts. It is subscribing around 36 Journals/Periodicals (Indian and foreign journals) and 10 daily newspapers every year. Besides our library becomes members of UGC-INFLIBNET’s “N-LIST” consortium for accessing various types of e-resources and has access to PROQUEST database.


Subjects Covered

The library collection includes various resources on Education, Science Education, Value Education, Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Educational Management and Evaluation, Research Methodology and Statistics, Inclusive Education, Science subjects, Social Studies and Humanities, Library & Information Science, Books on different languages like, English, Hindi, Marathi etc.


Library Automation

The library is computerized and automation of all its operations with Bar Code enabled applications. The Library is using SOUL (SOftware for University Libraries) which is the state of art of software developed by UGC- INFLIBNET for unique range of user services.


Library Membership

All students, faculty members and employees of the college are eligible for membership of the library. The registered members are issued Borrowers card to borrow books and other resources. College library also offers external members for those who are pursuing Higher Education.


Library Services

The Library provides following Services:

  • The library follows an Open Access System
  • Reference Services
  • Circulation Services (Issue/Return etc.)
  • Free Internet Services
  • Reprographic Services (Xerox) on payment basis
  • Web enabled Online Public Access Catalogue (Web OPAC) for documents available in the library
  • Newspaper Clippings on education and related topics
  • Book Bank services
  • Inter-Library-Loan services on request
  • Reservation of desired books / resources
  • Bibliographic Instruction to the needy readers.
  • Project assistance
  • Extension services
  • Guidance and consultancy services for desired students of BLI.S, and MLIS and new library professionals.


Library Best practices

Our Library perform the following innovative practices

  • Articles Index Initiatives
  • Book Exhibition
  • Use of Suggestion Box


Rules and Regulations

  • The college library may be used by the following categories of members.
    • Registered students and Staff members of the library
    • Persons doing Higher Education / Research or Working for a project under the guidance of any member of the teaching staff of the college or any other Institute.
    • Loan Privileges and period of loan from the college library are according to the category of student and staff.
  • Reference books such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Yearbooks and also those books, which are marked ‘Reference’, are not to be lent out.
  • Periodicals in general are not to be lent out and newspapers are not to be removed from their respective places.
  • Reference books taken against identity cards for reading in the library are to be returned on the same day.
  • The loss of library cards should be reported to the Librarian immediately. For more details can be obtained from : library@sscoe.edu.in


List of e-Journals